Arca: World of Faunaria

Does your past define you?
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Hello, I'm Keeperixx, writer of the newly started webcomic Arca: World of Faunaria

Arca: World of Faunaria is a coming-of-age fantasy adventure centered around the mysterious Arca, a mute widowed peasant woman living a peaceful life as a single mother raising her son Matteo. But Arca is not exactly what she seems, for she secretly lived a much more storied life than what her current lifestyle would suggest, but why is she living as a commoner then?

Join Arca as she tells the story of her life, from childhood to adulthood, and chronicles many trials that made her into the woman she came to be.

Due to having limited funds, I opened a Patreon and Kofi in hopes of getting enough money to pay my artist for more pages more easily.

If you wish to help speed up development of more pages, please consider supporting the comic on Patreon or Kofi. here are the links:




by Keeperixx